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Friday Funnies: Crazy Weather

(Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash)

Hello My Happy People!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and looking forward to an even better weekend! I am looking forward to a weekend of writing! I am sure there are some of you who are happy to read that.

I feel like I am finally working past my mental block on writing Into the West: Family Ties, the last book in the Into the West Saga Serial, and am beginning to make actual progress. So I hope to make a good push and get a few chapters in this weekend. It would make me feel a whole lot better if I can get that far. We will see if the movie plays ... if you listened to the podcast this week, you know what I am talking about.

In the meantime, how about some great Dad Jokes?! The weather has been crazy here in Germany and back in my home town of Kansas with loads of rain in both places. Wichita has been having some flooding but we have not seemed to have that problem here, at least none that has made the news. Because of this crazy rainfall, I think we need some weather jokes.

Don't forget to check out my podcast Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt. I am working on a few amazing guests who will be coming soon. I want to start lining up at least one guest per month to bring you some amazing content that all pertains to books, writing, and marketing ideas for writers. I hope to be able to start publishing a schedule for the shows here by the end of the month.

If you like audiobooks, you can listen to the entire free streaming beta version of my first award-winning book, Into the West: The Orphan Train right now. Just join my Members Only page for FREE and you can listen to the free complete audiobook today! No hidden fees, no strings attached, quit anytime! Link to join is below.

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Listen on our website at the link above or any of the streaming services ...

Enough business ... ON WITH THE JOKES!!!!

Have a great weekend my people ... go forth and be happy!


Q: Do you think we should make special section for weather puns in our paper?

A: No, they are too simple, coming up with weather puns are a breeze.

Q: Did you see the news of a coming flood today?

A: Yeah it was just leaked.

Q: What's the difference between weather and climate?

A: I'm not sure but I know you can’t weather a tree, but you can definitely climate.

Q: What is the weather report for the kitchen today?

A: Well it's chilli today but hot tamale.

Q: How do you move furniture at a weather station?

A: To begin, you'll need four casters.

Q: Why do you hate windy weather?

A: It just really blows.

Q: Did you know I got a text from the sun?

A: I was very enlightening.

Q: What is always the brightest day of the week?

A: Sun-days.

Q: Why was there a line of guys outside the hair salon on a nice summer day.

A: Because it was perfect weather for a barber queue.

Q: Why is winter is the worst time of year for a wedding?

A: Because someone always seem to get cold feet.

Q: What do you call a dollar bill frozen in a block of ice?

A: It's cold, hard cash.

Q: What do you call kids from the neighborhood who played all afternoon in the snow?

A: . Chill-dren.

Q: What is a mountain's favorite type of candy?

A: Sno Caps.

Q: Was if very cold this morning?

A: Well, when I took out my phone to check the temperature, the weather app froze.

And last but not least ...

Q: Why do you have a subscription to Lightning Strikes News?

A: Because I like to keep myself up on current events.

"Hot Weather vs. Cold Weather? Which is better?"

Jim Gaffigan Stand up (Quality Time)


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