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Friday Funnies: Cowboys!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. This week has been a tad stressful here. Still dealing with a flooded basement while trying to work and keep track of friends who suffered worse flood damage than we did. We got very lucky here.

I have been working on the next book, Into the West: Last Showdown. I started writing the new opening chapter of the book, but it went very dark, very fast. This book is going to have some heavier subjects because we have a sheriff who is very pro slavery and fighting against lawmen in the Kansas Territory that is trying to come into the Union as a free state.

This is all based on Kansas history and I am walking a very thin line with being historically accurate without being offensive or too preachy. It's going to be a balancing act for sure! I know the odds are that not everyone will be happy with how I handle the subject, but if I worried about pleasing everyone, I'd never write anything ever.

Just know, I am working on the next book and doing my best to handle the topic with respect. I hope to have it off to my amazing editor, Greg Wood, by the end of the month with any luck. Keep your fingers crossed. Then there will just be one final book to finish out this saga and I will spend some time getting my audiobooks made.

I figured since I am just now learning how to do audiobook tracks, it would be better to do them all in one shot than to try to do one audiobook after every book release. Since I have short term memory issues, I would have to relearn the process with each book until it finally got stuck in my long term memory. I really do not want to deal with that. Hopefully if I spend just one month doing nothing but audiobooks tracks I will get the process down and into my long term memory for when I want to do it all again for another book serial. That is the hope anyway.

But enough about all of this, how about some Cowboy jokes. Tomorrow is the National Day of the Cowboy so a few quips and puns about cowboys seems fitting.

Have a great weekend, posse!



Q: What can a cowboy come down with if a wild horse sneezes on him? A: Bronc-itis


Q: Where do cowboys go to reflect on their life? A: The ponder-osa.


Q: Why did the cowboy keep a bale of straw by his bed?

A: To feed his night mares.


Q: Why did the cowboy shoot the artist?

A: Because he started to draw.


Q: What’s the first rule a cowboy is taught about filling up a canteen from a river?

A: Always go upstream from the herd.


Q: How did the cowboy become so rich?

A: He got a couple of bucks every day from his horse.


Q: What do they call a cowboy Santa?

A: A jolly rancher


Q: What did the cowboy say when he lost his dog?

A: Well, Doggone!


Q: What did the cowboy say when asked if beans give him gas?

A: Darn Tootin’!


Q: What do you call a cowboy who teaches acting?

A: A stage coach.


Q: What do cowboys put on their pancakes?

A: Log Cabin syrup!


Q: What is a cowboy's favorite basketball team?

A: The Spurs.


and last but not least . . .

Q: Who wrote the book “Talk Like a Cowboy?”

A: Hal D. Yall.


Tim Vine

Peterson Farm Bros


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