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Friday Funnies: Celebrating Girl Scout Day!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you are having a great Friday and have some wonderful plans for the weekend. Normally, "Stephen" writes the Friday Funnies, but seeing as how today is National Girl Scout Day, and I was a girl scout, I thought I should write this one.

I am a bit tired as I write this. Today makes the second Friday in a row where I have had to venture out into the world and it looks like I will be doing it again next Friday and again in April. Nothing like putting off a full year of doctors visits for as long as possible then getting them all over in a month of Fridays. Man, there are a lot of "check ups" doctors want you to do once you get past 50!

I still need to find a dentist here too. I have yet to get setup with one since we moved here . . . 7 years ago. DO NOT tell my dentist back home in Kansas, he would call my mom on me (he is her dentist too) just to give me "what for" long distance.

But enough about being a grown up, today is National Girl Scout Day!

When my sister and I were young, our mother was a Girl Scout leader for my sisters troop and help out with my brownie troop (I believe, or it could have been later after I was girl scout too). I remember her letting me go to Girl Scout camp with them even though I was just a Still just a Brownie. Being the troop leader's daughter can have advantages. I remember feeling very superior as I watched my sister trick some of the older girls into going snipe hunting when I knew what was really going on.

I remember going door to door in my neighborhood, selling cookies to earn a trip to sleepaway camp. Dreaming of cookouts, camping, hiking, making S'mores on an open fire with friends, it was a good time! So if you can and you get the chance to buy a box and help a girl get to camp, please do. For some girls, this may be their only chance to experience something like that. You could help a girl build a priceless memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives. But . . . no pressure.

If you do decide to buy a boy or two and want to do something a bit more inventive than just eat the cookies straight out of the box like a normal person, check out these great recipes you could make with Girl Scout cookies. (<--- click here) If you like cheesecake, they have some amazing cheesecake recipes using different Girl Scout cookies. You can also find information on where to buy Girl Scout cookies in your area if you do not already have a cookie pusher . . . I mean Girl Scout cookie source.

Know what else goes great with Girl Scout cookies besides a ice cold glass of milk?

A good book! Might I suggest a few pairings . . .

Pairing Guide for

Girl Scout Cookies & Stephen Burchardt's Books

Do not worry, posse, I didn't forget about the sneak peek for today. Just click this link (<--- click here), scroll down to today's date, and enjoy!

And now, I think it is time to get on with the jokes!!!!




Q: What Girl Scout cookies should you eat when you are dieting?

A: Thin Mints!


1: I think the Girl Scout next door is going to be a CEO one day.

2: Makes makes you say that?

1: She just came to sell me cookies and had a credit card reader on her cell phone.


Q: How is Girl Scout cookie time and the Borg (Star Trek for the non-nerds) alike?

A: Resistance is Futile!


Q: Know what the problem is with girl scout cookies?

A: No matter how many I eat, I always want Samoa.


1: I texted my aunt, a Girl Scout leader, to tell her I wanted to be a Girl Scout cookie tomorrow and Tagalong with her.

2: She replied . . . S'more the merrier!


Q: What is the most popular Girl Scout Cookie in the Philippines?

A: Tagalongs.


Q: Why do all the local Girl Scouts always set up cookie sales tables outside of the vacuum store?

A: They heard there were a bunch of suckers there.


Q: Why did the Girl Scout set up a cookie sales table outside of the pot dispensary?

A: One word . . . Munchies!


and last but not least . . .

Big sister helping her little sister with math homework . . .

Q: Think of it like this, if you had a three boxes of Girl Scout cookies and I took a third of your cookies, what would I have?

A: A fat lip, a black eye, and no cookies!


All About that Bass Parody:

Girl Scouts All About that Badge - Meghan Trainor

98-Year-Old Girl Scout Has Been Selling Cookies

Since 1932


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