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Friday Funnies: Anger Management

Hello Posse!

Not going to lie, I'm having a difficult time concentrating right now. Here is it, 2 PM and I have not really accomplished much of anything today. My stress and general anger level is just right up there. Today we mark 332 days we have been at home. We are lucky enough to be able to work from home, but I think it is safe to say we are finally starting to feel the stress of it all.

My parents have both had surgeries this past year that I was not able to travel home to help them recover from, which made it doubly hard for me. I've always been there for them when they had medical issues and to not be there now was so hard.

I hit a real emotional wall this week and for the first time in months I missed making a post for a reason other than having migraine. While I was on the third day of a migraine, I was physically able to get up and make my post, I just had absolutely no desire to do it. I am working to force myself to be productive. I had been fighting depression/anger for a few weeks now, but yesterday it started to get a bit worse.

Now, some people might wonder why I would share something so personal like this in my blog. It's because I want other people who are feeling this way to know, they are not alone! That can be the worst part when you start getting depressed, you think you are alone. You think no one else would ever feel like you do. You think, no one would understand or they would think you were crazy or mentally challenged if they knew you were dealing with depression/anger. The truth is, millions of people deal with these emotions at one time or another in their lives. It is not uncommon, and given the state of the world, it's perfectly understandable to be struggling emotionally right now.

So just know, if you are struggling right now, you are not alone! Talk to people. Reach out to friends and family. You might actually be doing them a favor! They may be struggling too and just afraid to reach out to you. If you do not want to talk to a friend or family, call a helpline. It can be anonymous. Whatever you choose to do, hang on! One thing you can always count on is that things are ever changing. You do not want to miss it when the world opens back up again. You know as soon as we can, the world is going to party!

So now, I think we can all use a good laugh!

Seeing as how my jokes are more the polite chuckle "dad" joke varieties, I think we need professionals here. These clips might have a tad bit of racy language but nothing too outrageous. They are about an R rating but very funny.



Michael McIntyre

Gabriel Iglesias

Jim Gaffigan

Kathleen Madigan


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