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Frida Funnies: Revenge of the Fifth!

Hello My Happy People,

Things are getting back to normal here at home and I am getting some great writing done. I hope to get a few more chapters finished this weekend. I also agreed to read an advanced copy of a book by another indie author because I liked the premiss. So far, it's really interesting. Once I finish it, I may ask her to come on the podcast to talk about it and give you a sneak peek of it too.

Speaking of sneak peeks, did you catch this weeks Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt. I gave you sneak peeks from both Into the West: Family Ties and The Touch. If you missed it, it's not too late to check it out. Just click the purple microphone below to go listen now.

As I am sure you can tell from the photo above, we are huge SciFi nerds in this home. May the 4th and the 5th are celebrated with Star Wars marathons. Last night was the Mandalorian and tonight might be the original trilogy or Andor, we will see. But in the meantime, I think we need some Star Wars jokes to get the Revenge of the Fifth (sith) underway!

Have a great weekend people!


Q: Where did Luke get his cybernetic hand?

A: The second hand store.

Q: Why couldn’t Luke find love?

A: He was always looking in Alderaan places.

Q: What sound do Yoda’s sheep make?

A: Day go baaa.

Q: How does Kylo Ren like his toast?

A: On the dark side.

Q: What goes, “Ha, ha, ha, haAGGGHHHH! Thump”?

A: An stormtrooper laughing at Darth Vader.

Q: Why was the droid always angry?

A: Because people kept pushing its buttons.

Q: Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?

A: Because he can always making new friends.

Q: What did Obi-Wan tell Luke when he couldn't use chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant?

A: “Use the forks, Luke.”

Q: What do you call five Sith impaled on a lightsaber?

A: A Sith-Kabob.

Q: Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files?

A: Adobe Wan Kenobi.

Q: Why do space smugglers tell you to never drink the blue milk at the Mos Eisley cantina?

A: Everyone knows it’ll give you the Kessel runs for twelve parsecs.

Q: How does Wicket get around Endor?

A: That's easy ... Ewoks.

Q: What is Jar Jar Binks’ favorite meal?

A: He'sa like Miso soup.

Q: What’s the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?

A: They are usually Lukewarm.

Q: What is R2D2 short for?

A: Because he had little legs.

Q: Why do Death Star pilots hate space battles?

A: Because they always end up in a TIE.

Q: Why did movies 4, 5, and 6 come before 1, 2, and 3?

A: Because in charge of scheduling, Yoda was.

Vader's Got Jokes - Star Wars Parody (Nerdist Presents)

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Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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