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Book Banter S2 EP 85: Mikel Melwasul Interview

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Hello My Happy People, Today I have a chat with epic fantasy author, Mikel Melwasul. The oldest of five boys, Mikel, usually going by "Mik" (as in Jagger), developed a love for fantasy at a young age when his father read The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia to him before bed.

At an early age, Mik was diagnosed with minor cerebral palsy and essential tremors, for which he underwent years of physical therapy. He grew up in Maryland, D.C, and GA and was regularly moving.

Mik moved out at 18 and went on to earn a degree in criminal justice while supporting himself, working full time. He met his future wife while in college and after graduation, his wife began teaching English. Mik spent time working on a farm, then an airport, and now works with a background check company in South GA, all the while pursuing his love of fantasy and writing.

We had so much in common and had a great time chatting about our similar interests. So don't wait!. Go check out today's episode to learn more about this epic fantasy author.

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Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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Time for some jokes ...

Q: How do bees style their hair?

A: They use a honeycomb.

Q: Why did the insect always have a bottle of air freshener?

A: He was a deodor-ant.

Q: What do spiders and outfielders have in common?

A: They both catch flies.

Q: How do fireflies stay healthy?

A: They only eat light meals.

Q: Why wasn't the butterfly allowed to go to the dance?

A: Because it was a moth ball!

Q: How did the spider find a new home?

A: He searched the web!

Q: Why are frogs always so happy?

A: They just eat whatever bugs them!

And last but not least...

Q: Why did the fly try to breathe fire?

A: Because it wanted to be a dragon fly!


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