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Book Banter Podcast: To Read or Not to Read ... Shakespeare!

Hello My Happy People! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! As you might have guessed from the episode title, I will be talking about Shakespeare but before that, I have some great news. Someone I was hoping to bring on a podcast for an interview contacted me to accept the invitation. I give you more information about this person in today's podcast. You will not want to miss this. I will post more about this on my social media when the dates are set. As a complete and total book nerd, my love of reading started at a very early age and progressed quickly. I was reading Shakespeare for fun in junior high. In college I took a class on the great works of Shakespeare and once asked a question that my professor said he had never been asked before. We will discuss this today and I would love to hear your thoughts. The podcast is ready to go, give a listen anytime, any where, on any device!

Enjoy Dianne


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