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Book Banter Podcast EP 18: A HodgePodge of Goodness ... and BOOKS!

Hello My Happy People!

In this episode, I give you updates on the state of the website/social media updates and consolidations under Burckhardt Books. Changes are coming fast and marketing things will be so much simpler and less time consuming once they are all completed. It will remove many of my distractions from (and excuses for not) writing.

Book Banter has lined up a number of amazing guests I hope to feature as soon as possible. I am working to set interview times now. I already have commitments from several amazing guests I preview in today's episode. I hope to schedule the interviews very soon and will update you as soon as they are definite.

I have an update on the new series from my friend, author Mark L Redmond. His The Box M Gang is on sale now. Plus, I share my favorite book since ninth grade, the sci-fi novel The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. The love is real and DEEP.

The show ends with a short reading from chapter one of the final book in the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: Family Ties. This book is currently in production and will be released in 2022 (I swear it will be soon).

It's a fun filled show today with lots of information. Why not take a few minutes out of your day and listen now on your favorite podcast provider or on our own Burckhardt Books website. If you missed out on earlier episodes that have been dropped by your provider, don't worry! We have created an archive on our Members Only page at Burckhardt Books where you can listen to all of our episodes from the very first one.

Membership to the page is free, quit at any time, no strings attached, ever. But joining up will get you a slew of fun freebies with more to come in the future. We never spam you with loads of emails or offers because honestly we are just too busy (and sometimes too lazy) to do that. Why not take a moment to relax and listen now?

Have a great day!


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