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Book Banter Podcast: EP 14. She Inspires Awards

Hello My Happy People!

I hope you are having a great week. Today (Tuesday, May 17th) my plans for the podcast got completely derailed in the best possible way. I had planned to just talk about the audiobook more and give an update on the progress (which I still do). The plan was to finish recording the last track Tuesday afternoon, when I also record my podcast, but I got a little sidetracked by an email I received just before I sat down to record everything.

In 2020, right before CoVid19 shut down the world, my mother nominated me for an award with She Inspires Awards (<--- click to see site). She nominated me for their Her-Abilities Award.

From their website:

"This Award is reserved for a special woman who despite her disabilities inspires by her positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life. The winner of this award will have transcended her physical or mental or learning disabilities to turn her life around. Embracing HER-Abilities, she may also have achieved new success, eliminated limiting beliefs, and found a fulfilling way to live a fulfilling life."

Today, I finally got around to checking my email for the week and was notified I have been nominated in this category again for their 2022 awards. I am beyond thrilled and would love to thank whomever the wonderful person was who nominated me for this incredible honor. Please know, no matter what happens from here, if I make it to the finals or not, I am truly blessed and honored at having this nomination. Thank you!

If you know an incredible woman who deserves special recognition for her work and inspiration to others, check out the categories available for She Inspires Awards, nominations are still open.

Personally, I am going to take a moment to just enjoy being grateful for this recognition.

I did manage to get some work done on the Into the West: The Orphan Train - Audiobook (Beta Version) last night. I only had one final track to upload to the website and I wanted to do a bit more editing on a few tracks. I finished all of it and was able to get it everything uploaded and published.

That is right ... the audiobook is available NOW for streaming free to all of the members of my Members Only (<--- click to join) page. Join now and start listening!

I have also decided how I want to distribute the final versions of my audiobooks once I get them recorded. Instead of selling them outright, I am looking to make them free giveaway incentives for coffee donations made to support my podcast. I need to look into it a bit more, but the way it would work would be something like for two coffee donations you would get a code to download one free audiobook of your choice, for three coffees you would get a code for two individual audiobooks of your choice and so on. I need to look into it more to make sure this will be completely legal and above board.

Later, I will re-record Into the West: The Orphan Train with the new studio equipment I recently purchased (in part with coffee donations from listeners given to support our podcast). This professional level recording will be available on the website at a later date as will the other audiobook titles from the Into the West Saga Serial Collection.

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That is it for today My Happy People! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy today's show. Now go forth and be happy!



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