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Book Banter EP 93: Leah Ann Brown Interview

Hello My Happy People,

I was so thrilled to sit down and chat with author, Leah Ann Brown. Leah discovered her love of fantasy as a young girl growing up in Oregon. Spending hours outside in nature, playing make believe, her imagination opened up. It was further fed by her mother and grandmother who shared their stories and books. These things all created the perfect climate for her to fall in love with fantasies and storytelling.

Leah created her first picture book while still in grade school. Her passion for storytelling only grew over the years and she dreamed of one day being a published author. She made the decision to make her dream a reality. She hopes her journey will inspire generations that follow to overcome their own obstacles to achieve their ow dreams. Overcoming personal obstacles is something Leah is very familiar with in her own journey. As a girl, she struggled with dyslexia but refused to let her diagnosis keep her from her dreams. Instead she let her challenges fuel her, sometimes having to work harder than fellow students. Her hard work paid off, besides graduating high school in the top of her class, Leah went on to earn a Pharmacy Tech license and a massage license. While Leah was doing well academically, she was still hesitant to finally write a book. She wondered if someone with dyslexia would be able to write a book. But she fell back on her on the fantasy stories of her youth for encouragement. So many of the characters in her favorite books were able to overcome incredible obstacles, so why couldn't she do the same? Armed with a determination to inspire young readers through her storytelling, Leah wrote Chronicles of the Hidden Realms, Return of the Light which is available through her website.

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Manic Monday Vlog

(Videos may not be available during our vacation)

Time for some more Dad jokes ...

Q: Why was the tree scared he'd never get his leaves back after autumn?

A: He didn’t be-leaf in himself!

Q: What month is the scariest month for trees?

A: Sept-timberrrrrrr!

Q: What did one leaf say another lead in November?

A: I’m falling for you!

Q: What is the best vehicle to use for a fall hayride?

A: Any autumn-mobile will do!

Q: Why are trees so carefree in November?

A: Because every fall, they get to let loose.

Q: What happened to the tree that deserted the forest at the end of fall?

A: He was picked up for being absent without leaves!

Q: How do you repair a broken pumpkin?

A: You use a pumpkin patch.

Q: How do you get an elephant get out of a tree?

A: Have it sit on a leaf and wait until autumn.

Q: What do you get when an elephant steps on a pumpkin?

A: A squash.

And last but not least ...

Q: Why did Humpty Dumpty look forward to November?

A: Because Humpty Dumpty always had a great fall.


Book Banter Magazine's November Issue is Live!

This Fall issue is all about cozy comforts. We have amazing authors, warm, cozy author swag, recipes, a puzzle, and more. Our featured author is Bruce Leonard, author of the Quilt City: Hadley Carroll Mysteries and the companion Quilt City Cookbook. Our featured cookbook author is Michele Di Pietro and her cookbook, SOUPified: Soups Inspired by Your Favorite Dishes. Check it all out on our Book Banter Magazine page. You can find it by clicking HERE. Bookmark it so you never miss and issue.

The Into the West Saga Serial is Complete!

Check out the award-winning, historical fiction, family saga, Into the West Saga Serial. All the books, one through seven, are available now on Amazon. Click here to order your copy of each of the seven novellas in this serial today or you can read them all for free with Kindle

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