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Book Banter EP 55: Kirstie Page, Artist Interview

Hello My Happy People,

Today, I get to chat with my good friend, visual storyteller and mixed media artist, Kirstie Page. We chat about what it was like for Kirstie to go from being a virtually unknown artist with a dream of creating a business, to having her work in collections around the world and seeing her designs on everything from greeting cards to housewares.

Kirstie shares what it has been like to push her own comfort boundaries to begin attending art shows and sharing the hidden stories behind all of her creations with the public, face to face. She talks about how her own insecurities led to write her book, 5 Tips to Help You Master Imposter Syndrome, available as a free download on her website.

Kirstie explains where her inspirations come from and the driving force behind her overall vision for her artwork and career goals. Kirstie is currently working to build an incredible catalog of products which she is creating with her inspirational stories and artwork.

Kirstie Page, Visual Storyteller/Artist of Remember When Art

Don't wait, go listen now.


Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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On a side note:

You can catch me on The Outcasts Creative YouTube Channel tonight (March. 1st, 2023) at 9 PM GMT (that is 3 PM central standard time in the US) on their Industry Interview webshow. Host, Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen, will be interviewing me and bestselling, psychological thriller author, Val Collins. You might remember Val was a guest on my own podcast, Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt, last week. You can still listen to her interview, Episode 54, with me at (<-- click here to go)

Industry Interviews with Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen on The Outcast Creative YouTube Channel. Click HERE to watch this show.

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Kirstie Page, Visual Storyteller/Artist (EP: 55, March 1st, 2023)

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