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Book Banter EP 33: Kara Vogt Interview Finale

Hello My Happy People,

Today we are coming to you a little bit later than normal because I was being interviewed today for the SheInspires SHERO award I am up for in November. It was such a fun experience getting to sit down and have a real conversation with this amazing group of business people. I was nervous going in, but that did not last long. It was such a relaxing and fun experience. I can't wait to meet these people and the other contestants in person in Bolton, UK this November.

But right now we are ready to bring you the finale to the interview with my friend Kara Vogt from Kavo Creative and Wise Oak Soapery. She gets more in depth about her views on filters, social media presentation, and her ideas for her video production course coming soon on Kavo Creative on Facebook.

If you need help creating effective video content for your business, this is an interview you will not want to miss!



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