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Book Banter EP 32.5: Kara Vogt, Kavo Creative

Hello My Happy People,

Today has felt like a Manic Monday. So many technical issues when trying to edit my podcast interview with Kara Vogt. The program I use to edit will often throw out an error message and I have to save the work in a new folder and then restart the program. If I do not save it into a new file, it will often save the error in the program and it will become corrupted and not work.

I have had this happen before with a podcast, but they were always ones where it was just me talking and I had to re-record the show. It was annoying and time consuming, but not really a big deal because I could just record it again. I have never had this happen with an interview though. I have always been very careful to make sure I had backup copies of the raw interviews so if there was an error (which it has done a few times) I can just go back to the raw interview and re-edit.

Today however, I was distracted and when the error message popped up, I forgot to save as a copy and leave the original raw interview in tact. Thankfully after some searching online, I found a solution to recover the interview. We are getting this out late, but at least we have it!

So without further adieu, I hope you will check out my interview with Kara Vogt from Kavo Creative and Wise Oak Soapery. We met in a female entrepreneur group online and I have had the great pleasure of watching her business grow through some amazing product videos on her site. Now she is teaching others how to create similar marketing videos to help them advance their businesses and connect with their audiences.

If you need to connect with your target market, this is an interview you will not want to miss!



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