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Book Banter EP 27: Lisa Sillaway Interview Part 2 of 2

Hello My Happy People,

Today on Book Banter with Dianne Burkhardt, I have the conclusion to the interview with my guest, Lisa Sillaway, The Social Media Professor. Lisa works with large and small clients to expand their reach online and improve the effectiveness of their social media marketing.

In today's episode, Lisa shares the social media platform "must haves" for people to reach the widest markets and which generations are more likely to be reached on the different platforms. They discuss how marketing has changed over the years and what people need to do in today's world to connect to consumers.

Do you need to connect with your social media market? If you don't want to do the work yourself and need help with your social media, you can hire The Social Media Professor to do it all for you.

Be sure to check out Lisa's social media links listed below. We have a new prompt for today's writing prompt challenge, and I actually remembered to read it in the episode again today so take a few minutes and go listen to today's podcast. You will find links to some of the popular providers below as well.

Have a great Wednesday, people!


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