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Wednesday Whatever: Cold and Flu Edition

Hello Posse,

My husband has been sick this week and whenever he gets to coughing and sneezing there are two things that always happens. 1. I start making soups with garlic and onion and chili with a good spicy kick to it for his sinuses. 2. It's time for the homemade hot toddy!

Now, I am no doctor and I am not qualified to give any sort of medical advice. What I am doing here is just sharing a recipe for a hot winter drink we always want to drink when we do not feel good. If you are over 21, this a very tasty way to warm up when the temperature drops but if you are not 21 yet, you can still make this without the alcohol and it will warm you up just the same.

Sometimes I will make this and put it in a bottle. We just take a shot now and then during the winter to get all that good vitamin C and other natural goodness from this mixture.

Usually, I start out making a cup of hot tea with one bag of lemon tea and one of bag of Eucalyptus and honey.

To the cup of tea I add the following:

  • 1 tablespoon good quality whiskey

  • 1 tablespoon honey

  • 1 dime size slice of ginger slightly mashed to start releasing juices

  • fresh squeezed lemon juice (about a teaspoon to a tablespoon depending on your tastes. I will often add a slice with the rind too as pictured above.)

  • Stir to mix well and let set for about a minute for ingredients to blend.

One variation I want to try is one cranberry tea bag with one lemon tea bag with the same recipe but add a cinnamon stick. You could even swap out red wine for the whisky for more of a warm holiday punch. I think that might be very good around Christmas time.

Drink and enjoy!


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