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Friday Funnies

Hello Posse,

First, a brief update. As we head into the weekend before Halloween, I wanted to remind everyone I am giving you all a treat this weekend. October 26th and 27th you can download a free eBook copy of Into the West: The Orphan Train.

I would like to ask a favor. Even if you do not want to read the eBook version, I would like to ask that you still download the free copy. The more downloads I can get, the higher it will push my books in the search algorithms. The higher it goes the more discoverable my books will be. I need all the visibility I can get. Thank you in advance.

Since I did not get around to finishing the ghost story in time to make it a bribe to get new people to join my mailing list, I'm just going to post it on my website for all of my current followers to enjoy before Halloween. This story has really taken off and ended up much longer than I originally planned. It's a modern day tie-in to the Into the West Saga Serial. I hope you will like it.

I will be writing another short story about holidays on the plains that is also a serial tie-in. It will start on it now so I can use it as a giveaway to anyone who is currently on or joins my mailing list.

And now for your Friday Funnies. Enjoy!



A cowboy rides into cowtown in Oklahoma.

He goes straight to the saloon where he seen an artist setting out his art supplies on the table.

The cowboy quickly pulls out his pistol and shoots the artist.

The Sheriff arrests the cowboy and asks him why he would do such a thing.

The cowboy said it was self defense, he knew the artist was going to draw.


What do you call a retired cowboy? De-ranged.


A city slicker went and stayed on a dude ranch for his vacation.

He had never been on a ranch before and was fascinated with all the animals.

He spent his first day hanging out near the barn with watching the horses and cattle.

Pretty soon the ranch foreman noticed the city slicker and came over to say hello.

"Hey, there. Welcome to Bar None. Are you enjoying your stay here?" he asked.

"I am. Thank you but I noticed there are a lot of flies buzzing around all your horses and cows, do you ever shoo them?" asked the city slicker.

The foreman snorted and said, "Aw heck, no. We just let them fly around barefoot."


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