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New Challenges

Hello Posse,

Once again life messed up my best laid plans. It has been a month since my last blog. Unfortunately, my health issues had a lot to do with that. I have been having a horrible problem with vertigo this past month. I am seeing several doctors working to get this back under control so I can move on with my plans. For those of you who know me personally, you know I refuse to let anything, even my own health, deter me from doing what I want! Life is too short for that bull-pucky!

I have been working on increasing my visibility for the books I currently have in print and I have seen an increased interest. I have been asked to do another interview next week and my following on my social media has gone up a bit.

I will be writing free short stories to be given to anyone who joins my mailing list. This first one will be a Halloween short. It will be set in modern times. A ghost hunting crew is going to investigate a haunting which turns out to be one of the characters from the serial.

In November, I will create another short taking place in Sharon Springs. Local Natives will come together with Doc and some of the town's folk to celebrate the harvest. A tradition we find out started in town after Doc did his best to save so many of their tribe when they contracted Small Pox.

In December, I plan to write another short that will be Elizabeth and Conner's first Christmas on the plains. These three shorts will be sent out to each new person who joins my mailing list but will also be posted on the Member's Only page of my website for anyone to download for free. This way all current members will get them too. Remember, the Member's Only page is free to join and you can leave that at any time, no strings attached!

Into the West: The Orphan TrainI am also planning another free eBook giveaway for part one to try to introduce more people to my serial. I will post the dates once I get all my promotional material ready. I would greatly appreciate if you would share this information with anyone who might like to read my book. The more downloads I can get, the higher my books will go in the algorithm and will make my books pop up higher in searches, and I can use all the help I can get.

So keep watching the blogs and get the free stuff when it comes out!

Thanks for following my crazy attempt as I build this writing career!


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