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Notice: Due to the massive redesign and creation of Burckhardt Books, some internal links in blogs posted before January 24, 2022 may no long be active. If you find a broken link, please send us an email and let us know which blog it is in. We will do our best to go back and check links in previous blogs as time permits. But let's be honest, it's going to be slow going. 

I Need Your Help!

I have decided to take a month and see what I can do about getting and audiobook put together. Please note, the cover art you see here is not the official cover for the audiobook, it's just a placeholder at the moment.

I want to see if I can produce the audiobook myself with Dianne narrating. I have been looking into it today and I think it's doable. Dianne has experience in broadcast news and a bit of acting so I think she can do the performance, I just need to be able to do the post production.

I have been going through different websites to find music for the audiobook edition of Into the West: The Orphan Train. P.R. and I have found a few music tracks we like on Envanto Market's Audio Jungle. I would like your opinions on the ones we like.

If you have Into the West: The Orphan Train, you know it is not a straight western but more of a historical fiction in era of the Wild West. As the serial progresses, it will get closer to more of a traditional western as the characters get settled in the Kansas territory. These things are important to express the feeling of the storyline.

We wanted something that had a repetitive train "chugging" sound to the music, at least in the background. I like the ones we have found. I will post samples on my Facebook page. For some reason I cannot get them to load here. Please give the samples a listen and vote on which one you think we should purchase.

If you need music for your own projects, please check out the Audio Jungle site. They have a wonderful collection of music.

Thanks for following me crazy journey. It is always better when you travel with life's trails with good friends!


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