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Introduction Video is Finished!

Hello Posse,

I hope you are having a great weekend. I've been busy here learning all kinds of things about creating videos for social media. I learned a lot of new skills including how to put action cards in my videos. If you get a chance, check out the video in this email or on the main page of my website and let me know what you think. I could use some constructive feedback.

Please note: if you use Google Chrome, you will have to turn your sound on when the video starts. The lovely people at Google have decided that they will prohibit sound from playing on any autoplay videos. While I understand their reasoning behind this, I still find it incredibly annoying.

I haven't done much writing since we got home from vacation. My hand hurts quite a bit from the accident but I'm doing some physical therapy on it out now so hopefully it will work better in the coming days.

On another topic, I am current dealing with a dilemma. I do not know if I should just write the first chapter of the next book, Into the West: Most Wanted, to get it up online for those who found the hidden page for the free chapter, then take a break from writing and work on audiobooks. The other option is go full steam ahead on the next book and put off the audiobooks until I get part four finished. I'm torn.

On one hand, ideas for Into the West: Most Wanted are starting to come together in my head but on the other hand I have put off the audiobooks for so long I feel like I need to do those next. If you have an opinion I would welcome hearing it. I feel like I might be able to reach a wider market if I can get some audiobooks out and Lord knows I need to do that!

It's insanely hot here the last few days. I'm off to go get some ice water and sit in front of a fan for a moment. I hope things are wonderful where you are!

As always, Thanks for following me!


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