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Things are Getting Accomplished

Hello Posse,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

If you read the last blog and slogged through all of my ramblings as I tried to figure out how to get things on a better track toward my goals, you know I set up a plan.

The plan:

1. Get the paperback book for Into the West: Sharon Springs up for sale.

2. Finish the first chapter of Into the West: Most Wanted and post it on the hidden page on the website for those who followed the clues in Into the West: Sharon Springs.

3. Produce the first audiobook for Into the West: Orphan Train.

4. Finish writing Into the West: Most Wanted.

5. Remember to be grateful and not get so discouraged.

Tonight, I finished reviewing the edits for Into the West: Sharon Springs and loaded it up on Amazon. When I was reading through the ebook version I found one typo that had slipped through and a few placed that needed a to or the. I made the corrections and uploaded a new version to the ebook (you should get a notice about an update in the next few days) and formatted the copy for print.

I think I might release the print version on Friday. This will give me a few days to advertise it so people will know it's there. Tomorrow, I'm planning to make a few test recordings for the audio book and see how things need to be set up for the new format for that.

So, I am working the plan and focusing on number five. I have a few friends who are self-published authors who are doing very well for themselves after publishing more than 25 books. I only have three novellas under my own pen name and have already had one make it to number 41 on the free westerns best sellers list on Amazon. That is pretty good. I need to focus on the positives and find new ways to negate the negatives.

P.R. and I will be leaving for our summer vacation on the 29th. Keep watching the blogs and my instagram account for photos!

Take care, posse and enjoy your weekend!


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