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So Close!!!

I am getting so excited about the release of Into the West: Sharon Springs. I think this will be the best book yet. It's certainly going to be the longest. I should warn everyone, if you cried reading the first two, get ready to bawl reading this one. I give it a three tissue warning.

I know I promised a sneak peek last Sunday and forgot about it and I said I would make up for it this week and here it is Saturday and I still haven't done it. I am very sorry for dropping the ball on this one but in my defense, I have been so focused on writing this book I have done little else. I'm so close to getting it finished and I really want to be able to get it loaded up for presale by the end of this month so I have release it in April. I'm so close to actually meeting this self imposed deadline and I really want to keep it.

I just had an idea! I want to do a special thank you to everyone who has stuck with me while I figure this all out and buys Into the West: Sharon Springs. I think I will add a line on the Coming Soon page in the book that has a password to unlock the first chapter of the next book, Into the West: Most Wanted as soon as it is available.

The page will be hidden on my Members Only page of the website. Do not worry, it's free to join the Members Only page and you can quit at anytime. All you have to do is sign up for it and you get all kinds of free stuff like this free chapter I just mentioned.

I need to work out all of the details on this. Keep watching the blog for all the information as soon as I get it all set up. I have always loved puzzles and scavenger hunts, I may have to make this seek and find thing a regular part of my books. lol

Now that I had that idea, I have all kinds of new stuff I need to be working on. It's a good thing I love doing this stuff or I'd go crazy with everything that needs to get done. I need to make more money at this so I can hire a staff so I can just write! It's good to have dreams.

For now though, the sneak peek I promised you a week ago! (don't worry, you'll still get one tomorrow too.)

Into the West: Sharon Springs Chapter 11

“Papa! Papa!” called Martha.

Tim jumped as he released the shoe from his hand and watched it sail through the air, landing about a full foot to the left of his post.

“Ugh!” grunted Tim in frustration. He rested his hands on his knees and stayed bent over with his head hanging for a moment as he took a deep breath before he spoke. He didn’t want to lash out at Martha for startling him but she had just cost him the match and one whole dollar, which he had bet Doc Pete.

Doc walked over to Tim and clapped his friend on the back as he let out a loud belly laugh.

“Poor Tim, foiled by his own daughter,” said Doc as he continued to chuckle over his win. “Just remember, life is rarely fair. It can be just at times but rarely fair!”

Doc continued to chuckle as Tim gave him a dirty look.

Tim took a deep breath and stood up. He looked over at Martha who was clutching her favorite doll, which he had carved for her for her third birthday.

The worried expression on his daughter’s face instantly melted the last bits of frustration he had with her.

“Marty, darlin’, what’s the matter?”’

Martha looked at the sky and stroked her doll for comfort as she spoke, “I want to go home, Papa. Can we go, please?”

Tim knelt down so he was eye level with his daughter. He pulled her close and stroked her hair as he spoke.

“Don’t fret so, Marty, darlin’. We will get home in plenty of time. The storm is still a ways off yet.”

Lightning struck off in the distance and after a moment thunder rumbled. Martha hugged her doll closer and looked to be on the verge of tears. The depth of her fear broke Tim’s heart. Even though he was sure they had plenty of time to get home before the worst of the storm hit town, Tim decided they should pack up and leave for the sake of his daughter’s peace of mind.

Tim hugged his daughter tightly as he cooed gentle reassurances in her ear. After a few moments, he stood up and gave Doc Pete a soulful look.

Doc gripped his friend’s shoulder and nodded in understanding then took a look at the sky.

“You know, if you’re worried about gettin’ home ahead of this storm, ya’ll are always welcome to bunk down with Deb and me. Dylan would love to have the kids there to help him tear up the house. It’s a big job for one small boy to do all on his own.”

Tim smiled at his friend but shook his head no.

“Thank you kindly, Doc, but I got a sick cow at home that I need to get back to. I can’t afford to get stuck in town a few days if that river floods the valley. If we lose her, we’ll be hurting for milk for quite a while before we can get one of the other girls ready to produce for us.”

Doc nodded, “I understand. As long as you know our door is always open to you and yours.”

Tim smiled and nodded at his friend.

Doc clapped Tim on the back again. “Well, come on then. If you are going to get going, we better get you packed up.”

The men rounded up Tim’s family and got their things loaded up onto their buckboard. After goodbyes were said and promises made to get together soon for a meal, the Ruth family headed off toward their ranch.

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