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I've Actually Accomplished Stuff!

This has been a great week for productivity. I finally got the the contest set up and was able to get my video production app to work so I was able to make the video you see here to advertise it. Sometimes I think technology hates me.

I got chapter two of INT: Sharon Springs rough edited and back to the beta readers. My mom is one of my beta readers and she caught an inconsistency in the story I had to fix before I send it off to Greg Wood for the final edit.

While the beta readers are working on rechecking chapters one and two for me, I'm going to start writing chapter three. I think if nothing major happens I should be able to get book three finished by the end of the month. Considering I was trying to do that all last year with no luck, I'm excited about this! I hope you are too.

So click ---->HERE<---- and enter the

Valentine's Day Book Lovers Grab Bag Giveaway!!!

And keep watching for more information about the release of book three, Into the West: Sharon Springs coming soon!

Thanks for everything posse! I couldn't do this without you!


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