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Notice: Due to the massive redesign and creation of Burckhardt Books, some internal links in blogs posted before January 24, 2022 may no long be active. If you find a broken link, please send us an email and let us know which blog it is in. We will do our best to go back and check links in previous blogs as time permits. But let's be honest, it's going to be slow going. 

This is a Throwback Thursday . . . Sort of.

Special Edition - Into the West: A New Home Now Available on Kindle

I have been working behind the scenes on part three of the Into the West Saga Serial. It's going a lot slower than I thought it would. I had set up my time table based on how easy it was to write the first two novellas but this book is not following that same timetable. That is bad and good.

It's bad because I'm seriously behind where I wanted to be at this point. I wanted books three and four out by this time. We all know that didn't happen. But along the way, so many good things have happened.

I have been learning so much about the business side of being an indie author and getting things in place that will help me make this a lasting career for me in the long run. I have been networking and getting advertising in place. I'm finally starting to get noticed.

I have been privileged to work on four story collections with award-winning, best-selling, western author Scott Harris. The first three are currently for sale and the fourth with be coming out soon. I will also be writing another piece for him today that will come out in a book about writing. I will post more information on that book as it becomes available.

I have a contest that will be beginning soon. I'm still making a few of the promotional items to advertise it. I want this contest to really get some attention. I'm going to have it linked to the release of book three so I want this to go big. Keep watching my social media pages for videos and announcements that are coming soon. Really! I promise!

Part of that is I have created a Kindle version of the Special Edition - Into the West: A New Home. The special edition contains book one and two in one volume. For those who want to catch up in time for book three, this would be an easy way to get both books one and two in a single volume.

P.R., Shaggy, and I had a nice quiet Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I plan to make this next year a big one for my writing. Crazy announcements, contests, short stories, and so much more. Keep watching my social media and be sure to sign up for my mailing list so you won't miss a single exciting moment. I NEVER send more than 3 emails per month (that is all that is allowed in my webplan and I don't have a budget to buy more) so you will not get tired of hearing from me.

Wishing you all the very happiest of new years!!


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