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Notice: Due to the massive redesign and creation of Burckhardt Books, some internal links in blogs posted before January 24, 2022 may no long be active. If you find a broken link, please send us an email and let us know which blog it is in. We will do our best to go back and check links in previous blogs as time permits. But let's be honest, it's going to be slow going. 

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Look at this! I said I was going to get a Sneak Peek Sunday post done and I actually did it. Will wonders never cease? Not only did I do that but I have gotten a lot done the last few days including changing the site's background to something a little more seasonal. I'll change it up again as we get closer to Christmas.

So, what else have I been up to, you ask?

First, I have somehow managed to entice a few more people to join the posse. Please welcome Pam W., Wendy F., and Michelle S. to our motley crew. I promise to do my best to make you ladies glad you signed up. Be sure to join the Member's Only page while you are here. It's free to join, you can cancel at anytime. I never sell, share, or use your personal information to create riduclous memes, promise.

Second, as I wrote above, I actually got the next sneak peek posted on the Members Only page. It's quick and easy to join if you haven't already done so, and again, it is always FREE.

On the Members Only page you will find private family photos and videos, special free downloads, free short stories that follow some of the characters I think you might be wondering about after they left the main story, and Member Only contests. I'm adding more stuff on there all the time so head on over and check it out today.

Third, these past few weeks I have been interviewed a few times about my writing. You can find these articles listed on the new News page located under Books in the menu bar. I have recently been contacted about possibly being interviewed on a few upcoming podcasts.

Those of you who know me personally know this will be quite a revelation for some people if I do these live interviews. But for now, I'm going to keep everything underwraps just in case they don't come through.

Eventually I'm going to have to do a reveal just because it's getting harder and harder to keep all my private information comepletely private and still be able to promote my work too. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, be patient, it's nothing too terribly surprising. It's actually rather common for writers, but I want to keep things as they are for a while longer if I can. I'm having too much fun as it all is.

Fourth, Dianne got our sample stock of tote bags all printed up and ready to go. We have a few that were the trial and error bags as we figured out what we wanted the final design to be. That is good news for you!

We are going to use these practice bags as contest prizes along with a few other goodies just in time for Christmas. I plan to announce the first contest on Thanksgiving Day, so one (or maybe two) lucky winner(s) will win a bag with my promotional materials we've been designing and maybe an autographed something or other, we'll see what we have on hand.

The fifth and final point, I have a meeting tomorrow with a local library. They are meeting with me to discuss the possiblity of carrying my books on their shelves. My books are already available in the ebook lending program with libraries but I wanted to get some physical books on the shelves too. I thought the best place to start would be the local library in my town.

I plan to take some of my promotional materials for them to have at their information desk to introduce my books to the people who come into the library. I'm hoping if I give them the first two books for free for their shelves and a stack of my promotional material to let people know they are there, it might generate some interest. No matter what, it can't hurt.

Well, that is all for today, posse! It's been a busy weekend. I hope your week starts out great and remember to watch for the contest notice coming Thanksgiving Day. I will post a video announcing it on Facebook and send a shout out to the mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list, now would be a good time to sign up so you don't miss this contest or the any of the ones coming up in the following months.

Thanks for sticking with me posse, it means everythign to me!


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