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Hot Off the Presses!

laptop with newspaper

Recently, I have had the privilege of being interviewed by two different individuals. Both interviews will be published online this week.

To celebrate these articles being published, I have created a new page for my site, News! Terribly original, I know.

The first interview was with Ramona Portelli. Ramona is a freelance journalist writing on a variety of topics. We found each other through social media and she was interested in my personal biography and my books.

The second interview was with Scott Harris. If you read my blog at least some of the time, I'm sure you have read where I have mentioned this award-winning, bestselling, western author.

I have had the privilege of being a contributing author in two western micro short story writing challenge books compiled by Scott. There are two more of these books due out before Christmas which also contain stories I wrote. You can find links to them on the My Books page of this website under Contributing Author.

In other news (like the tie-in?), we have ordered the burgundy promotional pens. Thank you to everyone who gave us input on which colors and styles of pens would be most appealing to readers getting as a promotion. ​

I have printed up sample tote bags with my new logo on them. These mockups are going to be given away here soon. I will sign them, toss in the one of the new pens, and a few other promotional items I've recently had printed up.

Keep watching my page or sign up for my newsletter and you'll never miss a big announcement. I only send up to three a month, never more than that (because that is how many I can send for free), and you can cancel at any time!

I'm also working on a new improved Members Only page. It will always be free to join; I'm just trying to make it more impressive!

So, check out the articles, sign up for the newsletter, read my books, and have a great week!


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