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Answering Questions

Press conference

I'm afraid there is no sneak peek for today. I was rather busy answering questions for an interview about my books. This is the second interview I have done recently.

Both interviews will be published here in the next week or so. When they are available I will post links to them on a new page on my website. You will find it under the My Books heading. When the drop down menu appears, sellect News.

I have been seeing a slow increase in traffic on my social media pages recently as well. These are all good things and with luck, the upward trend will continue. I am working fast and furious on Into the West: Sharon Springs. P.R. has several businesss meetings this week so I will havea few free nights to get some work done.

Also, I just ordered my promotional pens I had been asking everyone to vote on. The winning color was burgandy and the text will be two lines: Western Author, These will be part of my swag bags I'm creating for future contest giveaways.

Later this week I will print up a few test bags and post photos, I'd love to get feedback on the designs.

Thanks for following me as I find my way to building an actual writing career.


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