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Beta Readers Wanted!

I have finally made some decent progress with part three of my Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: Sharon Springs. I have a fairly clear idea of where I want to go for chapters one and two and sort of a clear idea of chapter three. After that, it gets a little foggy.

This is where beta readers would come in very handy. As I write the chapters, I'd like to be able to hand them off to at least three people to read and give me feedback on the storyline. There will be no editing involved, I pay a very capable editor for that.

All I want is feedback on the story. For example, does it flow well? Could you follow along with the action okay? Where you intrigued? Where you bored? Was he language too confusing? These are the kinds of things I need an outsiders opinion on. This all makes sense to me because it's in my head. However, for those of you not in my head, and I would say that is most of you, it might not come across as clearly when you are just reading it.

If you have any interest in being a beta reader for her here is the legal horse pucky that always has to go along with such things to spoil the fun.

Beta Reader Terms and Conditions:

1. You cannot share, copy, distribute, reproduce, or alter the pages I share with you. All rights will forever remain with Stephen Burckhardt. Should you do any of the aforementioned actions, this contract will be null and void. You will be blocked from all media associated with Stephen Burckhardt and Dianne Burckhardt.

2. You must agree to read and review the files sent to you in a timely manner. I will be working on a very strict timeline for this third novella and will need your reviews back within 10 days of receiving it. If you do not meet this deadline, you will receive one warning. If it is not returned within three days of the warning, this contract will be null and void.

3. If your feedback is not constructive or beneficial, your contract can be terminated without notice. If your contract is terminated before the book has been completed and put on sale, you forfeit your rights to any and all payments, including but not limited to acknowledgements, copies of the book, and gifts.

4. You agree that any comments you make within the feedback you submit to me regarding my books I have presented to you for review, can be used in perpetuity regardless of your contract status for any promotional endeavors including but not limited to: future book covers, press releases, promotional materials, and advertising.

5. You understand this is not a paid position. If you are chosen to be a beta reader, you will receive a gift bag with promotional materials from this series. For each book you review, you will be given credit in the acknowledgements of that particular book and you will receive a free autographed copy of that book when it is published.

6. Stephen Burckhardt reserves the rights to update or change these terms and conditions as needed without prior notice.

If, after reading that snooze fest of jargon, you still have any interest in being a beta reader for me just drop me a line here.

I promise to try to write exciting, soul-wrenching stories that drag you in and hold you enveloped in a world so real you can practically smell the wood burning in the campfire. Or at least I'll try . . . with your help!

Thanks for being a part of my posse!



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