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Sometimes I do Stupid Things . . .

Shocking, I know! (I can practically hear my friends' and families' eyes rolling.) I have no idea how I didn't realize this before but I have a domain email address I have never used. So I have finally set up

I'm changing all of the email links on this website today. I hope I catch them all. But if I don't, the old email works too.

Also, I have been wallowing in despair these last few months. Not over my life, that is wonderful, but over my current lack of a writing career. I am truly at a loss. I love writing these westerns but I have yet to hit on a formula for getting more attention for them.

I'm going to give it all one last push and spend some decent money to advertise part three, Into the West: Sharon Springs. I am determined to have this book out in November and push it for Christmas. I will even do a holiday tie-in with the last scene being about Elizabeth's first Christmas on the prairie and even include a few family recipes from the time period.

I want this become a viable income for me so I can eventually just write but so far that is not happening.

If I cannot garner any significant improvements as far as followers by the first of the year, I am considering taking a break from this serial and try writing something more mainstream, like horror, to get some income coming in. For now, I'm going to get my butt in gear and finish part three and do some serious promoting.

Wish me luck!


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