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Second Western Anthology On Sale Now

I may be having a hard time writing book three in my own series right now but I have been able to finish all my contributions for Scott Harris' western anthologies.

For those who don't know, I have been lucky enough to be included in a group venture with award-winning and best-selling Western author, Scott Harris.

Harris challenged a group of western authors to craft 500 word stories using the exact same writing prompt. The result is a book of 52 short stories from 52 different authors all putting their unique spin on the same few words.

We all had such a good time with his challenge, Harris decided to make it a series. He issued three more challenges to us. I've have written all four of my contributions and am just waiting for the book releases.

I used these challenges as a way to expand my own western universe. I use characters and places from my Into the West Serial Saga for these writing challenges. One story features character who would be the next generation of my current story while another is set just a few months ahead of the current storyline.

It has help get me past my writer's block to some extent and been an avenue to help me keep writing about my western world even if I wasn't working on finishing book three right now. For those who have read my first two stories, these shorts might be a fun read to get a new look at the same storyline.

​The first two anthologies, are on sale now on Amazon. You can find links to them on the Homestead and My Books pages of this website. Be sure to check them out.

I am still plodding away at book three but it's just not coming together as I had envisioned. I will keep working on it. Who knows, maybe all of this angst and stress will lead to this installment being the best one yet. I can hope!

Thank for following along and I will be sure to keep you all updated on the progress.



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