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Home Alone

I have come to realize that when P.R. is not home for dinner I have a tendency to eat like a teenager who's parents are gone for the weekend. Tonight I made some rice and ate a half a jar of olives stuffed with garlic. It was not the most nutritious thing I could have had.

I know part of my problem is I don't want to take the time to make a real meal if it's just going to be me. I've always been great at taking care of other people but tend to let things slide when I'm just taking care of myself. I need to work on that.

Today I got back to teaching. I had been off sick while I was getting over the lung infection. It's hard to teach children to speak English when you can't stop coughing long enough to speak to them. I realized how much I had missed them after the first class. Some of my students are so adorable I wish I could just chat with them all afternoon. It's nice when you actually enjoy what you do.

Dianne has been fighting this same cold. We had hoped to work on the audio books this last week but it's rather difficult to record voice tracks when everyone is coughing constantly. It seems like we have been trying forever to get the first audio done. As God is my witness, we will get the first one done by this fall!

I hope . . .

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