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Decisions Decisions

A friend of mine is at the London Book Fair this week. He's been posting all kinds of photos and talking about everyone in the industry that he is meeting. This makes me wonder if I should invest some time and money in a trip to a fair as well.

I'm still in the beginning stages of my career and I am not sure if I am really ready to try to set up meetings with real industry players just yet. There is a big book fair in Germany in October and I have a few months yet where I can get registered to go and still get the early bird pricing. If I can get part three of my saga finished and in print by July, it might be a possibility.

I know it would be beneficial to my career I just do not know if I am fully prepared for it just yet. We will see.

I sent in piece for the next group writing project but I need to do some rewriting. I'm going to work in that tonight and hope I can get some more work done on Into the West: Sharon Springs.

I had taken this week off from teaching so I could focus on my writing but I'm disappointed in how much time I've actually been able to spend working on writing part three. I had so much stuff I was trying to catch up on that I had been neglecting while I was down sick with the worst of this cold that I feel like I'm still just playing catch up. We'll see what I can get done this weekend.

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Have a great evening!


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