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Contests, New Books, and Technology

I am still coughing my head off here but I am feeling better. Yesterday, I ran all my errands I had skipped over while I was down with the worst of this cold. By the time I got home, I was exhausted.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed and have been working on updating the website, setting up a new contest, and finishing up another short story writing challenge for the next western collection by Scott Harris. Once again I will be one of the 51 friends whose work will be included in the book.

The first group project, The Shot Rang Out is on sale now and after just 12 hours being live for download it has already reached #30 in the recent releases list on Amazon. Now, if I could get my solo work to take off like that I might actually make some money.

Click on the book cover to order.

A little bit of old business, I want to thank everyone who entered my Facebook Friends Grab bribe contest. My facebook friends number did go up so from that standpoint I consider it a success. I was surprised with the winner. There was one person who shared almost every post I made and had almost the same number of entries as everyone else combined. I thought there was no way they would not win the contest, I was wrong. The luck must be strong with Faye Finley Eidson. Congratulations Faye for winning the $20 electronic Amazon gift card. Thanks again for the shares!

I'm also celebrating the fact that I didn't destroy my new mouse pen my mom sent to me to go with my new notebook I bought so I could write on the go. I dropped it in my cup of hot tea the other night. It's probably the first time I didn't completely ruin something electronic when I got it wet. I have gone through more computers and tablets the last year than in most of the other years of my life put together. I think my klutziness is progressing with my age. I should just be glad it's my coordination that is deteriorating and not my mind. (That went a long time ago.)

Thanks for following along with my crazy attempt at creating a new career. At least I'm never boring.


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