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So Much Going On

Once again it's been a few weeks between blogs. I went to visit friends shortly after the last one and came home with a real intention to dive into work. Then I got sick..

I came down with a horrible respiratory infection and was in bed for two weeks. I am only just now getting up and around again. Yesterday was the first day I left the house in weeks.

Today I was working on getting the new computer set up for writing. It's taken me forever to get this set up. I bought a little Lenovo table with keyboard. It's small enough I can carry it around with me to write on the go but it was much harder to set up than my big laptop was. |I think tonight I finally got it set. We will see.

I have news. The Shot Rang Out should be available in the near future. I'll post a publication date when I know one for sure.

If you do not know about this project, I was part of a group of western writers who joined Scott Harris in a writing challenge. Scott gave us all the same 18 words and we had to use it somehow in a 500 word story. It was so much fun and there was so much interest in this endeavor that Scott has decided to issue a few more writing challenges to us. I'm working on my entry for the second one right now. I will share details of that one as soon as they are available.

I have more news but I'm still coughing and really want to go back to bed so I will share more later.

Have a great weekend!


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