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I Murphy and His Laws!

I swear some days I think I should just be wrapped in bubble wrap and stood up in the corner. I was just telling my mother how much I loved the mouse pen she sent me recently. I was using it all the time and it was just perfect to go with my new little notebook I bought to carry around with me to write. Then tonight, I dropped in my cup of hot tea.

I swear I need a keeper!

I have hope that it's not ruined. It was still sort of working so I took the battery out and I'm letting it dry out completely in our jar of Basmati rice before I try it again. Cross your fingers for me..

On a another note. I took this week off of my teaching job so I can focus on working on my writing. I will finish writing my short story for the group project I'm a part of then I will be devoting the rest of the week to working on Into the West: Sharon Springs.

I plan to start sharing bits of what I'm working on and I have another contest coming up that I will be setting up this week. I need to work on my time management too. I want to set up a day for blogs, a day for sharing writing bits and at least one other thing but I have't decided what that will be.

My life has been so unstructured the last few years because so much has been going on and there have been so may changes but I really want to get things set up into a routine so I can manage my life better.

I've been struggling to keep up with everything and sometimes things slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, it's usually exercise and/or my writing that gets dropped when I'm struggling to keep up with everything. That needs to stop!

So, think good thought for me and I hope to get things figured out here very soon.

Thanks for following along my crazy journey.


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