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Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a good morning. I'm finally starting to feel like I've accomplished a few things. I have the new covers and edits for part one and two all uploaded and am just waiting for approval on the final few covers.

This weekend I will actually start writing part three, Into the West: Sharon Springs. I'm excited to finally get the words on the screen. The characters have been waking up more in my head and are ready to continue on with their story.

We will open up back in the meeting in Sharon Springs but, like in the beginning of Into the West: A New Home, we will see the end of the previous book but from a different perspective. It will give new insight into the thoughts and motivations of other characters.

Keep watching the blogs for information on sneak peaks of what I'm writing. I will post the spoilers on a section in the members only area so only those who want to read them can and no one will have to avoid reading the blogs.

One sad bit of news, I'm going to stop producing the special editions until I get to the final book. The publishing site I have been using has increased their prices and it just will not be feasible to produce a combined issue with all books in the serial after every new edition to the saga. I'm considering making it available in ebook form but not in print until all the book have been written.

Keep watching my social media sites for the next book trailer. It will go up before I put Into the West: Sharon Springs on sale.

Thanks going on this ride with me!


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