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Notice: Due to the massive redesign and creation of Burckhardt Books, some internal links in blogs posted before January 24, 2022 may no long be active. If you find a broken link, please send us an email and let us know which blog it is in. We will do our best to go back and check links in previous blogs as time permits. But let's be honest, it's going to be slow going. 

So Much Going on . . .

Where to begin? I wrote a short story that will be part of an anthology of western authors. The title is going to be, The Shot Rang Out. Fifty-two western authors were given 18 words and they had to write a short story around them. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the book coming out.

P.R.'s birthday surprise was a big hit. It was hard to keep the cake hidden for two days while I made it but I pulled it off. I was actually surprised this came out as nice as it did.

It is a chocolate cake with cherry jam mixed with cherry liquor between the layers. It's iced with a homemade buttercream icing and covered in fondant. P.R. and I are both huge Star Wars fans so this was a fun cake for both of us.

Dianne and I have been working like mad to get all the new edits up for books one and two in the Into the West Serial Saga so I can move on to book three while she works on the audio books. We've added a 5x8 paperback version exclusively through Barnes and Noble. They should be live by the end of the week.

We have a book trailer for Into the West: A New Home. It will be up on my website soon but if you go to my Facebook page you can see it now.

I'm glad I cut back my teaching schedule the last two weeks. It really gave me a lot of time to devote to my books so I could get all of this sorted out. I'm already completely booked for classes the next two weeks. I guess my students missed me.

I got two boxes of proof copies of Into the West: The Orphan Train. I plan to offer up a few autographed copies in contests here in the near future so be sure to watch my social media for details.

I hope to have the new edits up for the Special Edition of Into the West: A New Home by the end of the week. If you are interested in this issue I suggest you buy it as soon as it goes live again. It will be going off sale as soon as book three, Into the West: Sharon Springs, is released.

I think that covers most of the news right now. If there is something I forgot, I'll write another blog tomorrow.

Thanks for following my work!


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