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Almost There . . .

I just finished reformatting and uploading Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition. As soon as this is approved and goes live again, I will have finished with all of the reedits and redesigns! Hallelujah! Que the heavenly chorus!

Moving forward will be so much easier now. I have a clear plan and have learned so much the last two years. It's definitely been a learning experience for me. My plan is to release Into the West: Sharon Springs this spring or early summer at the latest and then release Into the West: Most Wanted in the fall.

I would like to have book five, the last book in this serial ready for release for Christmas but I think that might be pushing it. Mostly because I haven't figured out how I want to end this saga yet. I have a general idea but it really needs some more fleshing out.

I hope to have all final approvals done for the reworked books by this Friday. I may take a day or two to relax then hit it hard to write Into the West: Sharon Springs. I need a bit of a breather. Besides, I think my mind works when I step away from the stories once in a great while.

In the meantime, Dianne is back at work on trying to set up audio books for me. I'll keep you posted as I know more. We will most likely post some more audio sample on the Members Only page in the saloon. It's free to be a member, just sign up here.

If you would like to see teasers as I work on my next book, be sure to sign up for my mailing list. Just go to and fill into your information to join my Posse.

Keep watching the blog posts for more information about upcoming contests and special offers.

And as always, thanks for following my work!


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