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Such a Long Day

I'm tryin to post from my tablet. We'll see if this works.

I am so dead. P.R. and I got up and went to our meeting then we headed off in different directions. P.R. came home to do a conference call while I headed out to buy things for P.R.'s birthday tomorrow. I had decided I was going to finally make a cake I had been wanting to make P.R. for a while now ... I may regret it. I took $110 out of the bank. I thought for sure the stuff I'd need to buy for the cake would only cost $40 and I could buy us a new Soda Stream while I was out. Ours broke but it still works, sort of. After going to just two stores to get most of (not all) the stuff for the cake I was already down $56 and still needed to get the groceries I needed to make it and we were out of the basics like bread, butter, and eggs. By the time I was done I was down $90 and no Soda Stream. This cake better turn out fabulous. I could have bought P.R. a cake and the Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker we saw online and it would have cost about the same, my back wouldn't be killing me right now, and I could have spent at least part of the day writing.

But it will all be worth it if it makes P.R's birth great.

And if it doesn't make P.R.'s birthday great ... well, you know ... live and learn.


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