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Catching Up and Hiring an Editor

I was actually able to catch up to my timeline I had set for this weekend. Due to actually being able to have quality time with P.R. for a few days, I fell behind my timeline before Friday was even finished.

But here it is, Sunday night and I just finished re-reading part two, Into the West: A New Home. I didn't go crazy and add pages worth of new material to this book as I had with part one when I re-read it. Which makes sense.

With part one I was a lot more nervous about writing a western for myself and I think I was hesitant to really dive into the story head first. By the time I got to part two, I was feeling more comfortable and confident in my writing. I'm hoping this trend continues as I work through the story.

Now that I'm done re-reading parts one and two, I'm ready to start typing part three into the computer. With any luck, I will have an editor by this time tomorrow who can review one and two for me while I write part three. I actually have three great candidates all of whom I would be extremely lucky to work with. If I could afford it, I would hire them all. But tomorrow I will have to choose one who can do a good job and yet I can also afford without having to go into debt to pay them. Fingers crossed!

Be sure to keep watching my blogs and website. When I am ready to release part three, I plan to do a few special promotions. I haven't really decided exactly what just yet, so keep checking in so you don't miss out when I announce everything.

Have a great week,


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