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Facebook Friend Grab Contest

I've had this contest on my website for a while now but I have never talked about it, so here we go. I want to increase my Facebook following so I'm willing to bribe people to help me do it. Follow the easy steps below and you could win a $20 electronic Amazon gift card.

Start posting today for your chance to win. Be sure to tag Stephen and set the privacy to "public" on all your posts to qualify for your entries.



Current Bribe: Facebook Friend Grab

Your Reward:$20 Amazon gift card.

Deadline for entries: April 1st, 2018 (Yes, it really is April first. I promise it's not a joke, it just makes me smile to make it April first.)

How to claim your bribe:

  • step 1 - Share Stephen's Facebook page on your own Facebook page and tag him on the post. Posts must be set to "public" sharing. If you don't tag him, we will not see it so we can't enter you for the post. You can earn one entry per day.

  • step 2 - Earn extra entries for sharing Stephen's blog posts on your Facebook page. Posts must be set to "public" sharing. Tag him on the shared posts and you will earn one entry for each unique blog share. In other words, you can't share the same blog fifteen times and get fifteen entries. You can share fifteen different blogs on the same day and get fifteen entries.

  • step 3 - Earn even more entries by posting a review of Stephen's books on any bookseller or book review website, such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Goodreads, etc. Just post a review and share a link to it on your Facebook page. Posts must be set to "public" sharing. Be sure to tag Stephen in your post so we can see it. You will earn 3 entries for each review.

  • step 4​ - Sit back and wait to see if you win.

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