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I Fought Gravity and Gravity Won!

I had been on a good work track and was just chugging along at a good pace but last Friday I got derailed yet again. This train analogy will be amusing when you hear what I did.

So . . . last Friday, P.R. and I were going to a doctor's appointment for me. We were early and didn't need to rush. Things have been great here lately and we were both in a good mood. As we started to get closer to the train stop in our neighborhood, I saw an early train pulling into the station. I looked at P.R. and said, "Let's run for it."

Now, with the neurological condition I have, I'm not supposed to run. Even when I walk, I tend to have trouble picking my toes up sometimes and I tend to trip a lot. I'm sure some of you can guess where this is going.

P.R. and I take off jogging toward the train station. We aren't running hard because if we miss this train it's no big deal. It was't even time for the train we really needed, we were just having fun. We needed to cross a street to reach the train platform, and since there were no cars coming, I took off and crossed against the light, something I never do. P.R., who is used to me always waiting for the crosswalk light to change before I will cross, stayed put.

After I get safely across the street, I jog toward the platform, then it happens. I drag my toes on my right foot and start to go down. Now, I was holding my coffee tumbler in one hand and a messenger bag with paperwork and a few odds and ends in the other hand. In my mind I start to do a slow motion collapse to the ground. I had time to think, How am I going to catch myself? and, This is gonna hurt! Then I hit, face first, into the cement train platform.

I would say it knocked me senseless but when you considered I was already running for "fun," I was obviously already senseless before the fall. Luckily, this was very early on a Friday morning and there was only one other person on the train platform besides us to see me do this. Poor P.R. was still on the other side of the street and was only able to watch it happen.

I am dazed, and honestly, can't see very well. I get up sit up and realize someone is talking to me but they are just a dark blurry figure. A few things had flown out of my bag on impact and the very kind young man who was the other person at the station with us had come over and was picking everything up for me while I tried to remember where I was and what I was doing there.

I thanked him and assured him that I was fine as I stood up and just started to walk to the bench on the platform. Halfway to the bench I remembered that P.R. was with me. I looked back to a very unhappy P.R. still standing on the other side of traffic from me. I just waved and pointed toward the bench then trudged on over there.

When P.R. was able to finally cross the street and get to me, I just had to laugh. I looked at P.R. and said, "At least if I'm ever going to do something this stupid, I picked a day I was already going to see my neurosurgeon. The timing was actually pretty perfect."

P.R. was not nearly as amused as I was.

So, long story short, I ended up with a mild concussion and now I have to go back to the neurosurgeon for another checkup. I'm black and blue and very sore but I will be okay. I've had a headache and been nauseated and dizzy all weekend but I will be okay. Just another day in the life of a colossal klutz.

Now, people might think I'm joking about that but there is actually a medical supply memorial collection I left at my parents house. There is a big bag filled with Ace Bandages, air casts, slings, and braces from OTC neoprene braces to heavy duty doctor prescribed braces, If there is a way to twist, strain, or sprain it, it's a safe bet I've done it at least once and probably more than once. So this is nothing new for me.

Luckily, writing is something I can do with very little physical effort. So, I will get back on track today starting with this blog. I'm going to get a few more short video ads ready to post then I will get back to work on the books for the rest of the day.

Thanks for sticking with me. I figure if nothing else, my life should be entertaining for you all or, at the very least, will serve as a cautionary tale.

Thanks for following my crazy life and work!


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