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Notice: Due to the massive redesign and creation of Burckhardt Books, some internal links in blogs posted before January 24, 2022 may no long be active. If you find a broken link, please send us an email and let us know which blog it is in. We will do our best to go back and check links in previous blogs as time permits. But let's be honest, it's going to be slow going. 

The New Cover Art is LIVE!

I checked online a few hours ago and all the new cover art is finally live on all the sales pages. *sigh of relief*

I had no idea it was going to take as long as it did for all the art work to show up in the websites after I clicked to have them published on the production pages. It was supposed to take from 24-72 hours but there was a notice that I needed to clarify something about my keywords (which I had not changed from the first printing) before they could process my cover change request.

I missed this because I thought it had to be a mistake as I had not changed any of the keywords since the first publishing of any of the books. After I got that straightened out things were processed without a problem but it cause more of a delay that was anticipated.

But none of that matters now as everything is live and the redesign is basically finished with just a few minor tweaks here and there to make sure I have everything updated across all of the social media platforms I have. But that is something for tomorrow.

Now, I'm going to go play with my advertising app and make another short video to post online. The advertising is obviously working because I have had visitors from all over the world checking out my website. It's pretty cool when you see people from the other side of the planet checking out your work. Even if my sales don't go up right now I'm still getting attention. I'm pretty happy about that.

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