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Day Two of My Healthier Routine

I used to be fairly disciplined before I got married. However, since moving in with P.R. I find I have let myself go a bit. It's not uncommon for people to do after marriage. I mean, come on, people spend years working out trying to look more attractive trying to catch the eye of a great mate and when you finally do you break down and eat a few pizzas that you spent years avoiding to look better.

But now my time of complacency is over! I need to get myself back on track so I can be more productive and have a clearer mind to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish in my life.

The first thing is to drop 20 pounds. I want to make sure I am well under the weight requirement to go hot air ballooning for my birthday next month. I have been planning to do this for five years and I do not want something like eating too many crescents to stop me.

Today was my second day of implementing my new healthier lifestyle. I was pretty good, not great but good. My plan was to get up, drink some water with lemon or lime and baking soda (to help alkalize my body), do 20 minutes of yoga or shadow boxing, have a protein shake for breakfast, then take Shaggy for a quick walk before I start teaching for the day. It happened but no in that order.

I was lazy and had my water when I got up but then I went back to bed and read for a while. I got up, ate, and taught my classes. After my classes and prepping for tomorrow's classes, I took Shaggy for a walk then came home and did some yoga.

I find I really like yoga. It is amazing for flexibility and it really helps clear my mind and lets me focus on what I want to do. After yoga I fixed dinner for Shaggy and I and now I'm here at my compuiter ready to spend the rest of the evening writing as I listen to iZombie playing in the background.

iZombie and The Big Bang Theory are my two go to shows to play to give me some noise in the background while I work. I chose these two because I have seen every episode so many times I do not have to really watch or pay attention to know what is going on. Heck, I probably recite these i my sleep,

So, now that I have a decent length blog post written I'm off to work on Into the West: Sharon Springs. I'll say hi to the towns folk for you!

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