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Some Days I Miss My Car!

Since P.R. and I moved to our current home we have not needed a car. The public transportation near our home is fantastic but you do have to walk to the stops and sit and wait for the bus or train to come. It is a cost effective way to travel and I get more exercise this way but some days, like today, I really would have liked to have my car so I could get my errands done a lot faster.

I went to an appliance store to check on a new stove to replace the one I broke. It's going to cost me about $200 more than I had hoped. Good thing I have more and more students booking with me. I will most likely have to charge it and take two months to pay it off. Not too bad.

Next, I went to the health food store to get some flax seeds and vegan protein powder. I wanted espresso powder too but they didn't have it there. For now, I'll just keep using cold coffee for my protein shakes.

Last, I went to the grocery store to by a bunch of fruits and veggies. I was also going to go to another shop to see about buying a small coffee grinder to use for my seeds and nuts but I really didn't want to shop anymore. I just came home and used the big grinder we have for our coffee to grind everything up. I use coffee in my shakes so it won't hurt if my flax seeds taste like coffee. I hope P.R. won't mind if our coffee tastes a little like flax seed.

I should also mention that I'm trying to get myself into a new healthy routine again. Since the classes I was taking are over with, I can get back to what I want to do. Today I got up and drank a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. After P.R. left for work I worked out for 20 minutes, took Shaggy for a walk, and had a chocolate coffee protein shake. It was pretty darn good. Then I ran errands.

I was going to eat a salad before I left the apartment but I forgot in my hurry to get out. Luckily, I was able to pick up a few vegetarian snacks while I was out and about.

When I got home I made dinner and cleaned up a little around the house then prepped for the classes I'm going to teach tomorrow. Now I'm getting a blog written and after that I will work on part three of Into the West: Sharon Springs until it's time to go to bed, sadly that is not too far from now.

Tomorrow, I have three students to teach and four classes to prep for Wednesday. Other than that, I have nothing to do but write! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

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