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So Much Accomplished . . . Writing Not Included

I have been so productive the last two weeks. I have had more students this week than most weeks this summer. I have gotten a lot of paperwork filed with the right offices to get my dog registered here. I finally got all my paperwork from my classes I finished and have those all ready to turn in to the right offices to get partial reimbursement for my tuition. I've also been working with my new doctor to do my full I'm-an-old-person-now-so-we-need-to-test-everything-possible exams. So far, all things are coming up great.

But now it's time to get some some serious writing done. I'm doing my best to stay off social media unless it's to talk to family or work on book things but it's not easy to ignore everything going on in the United States right now. It shouldn't be ignored. It should be fought with tireless resolve. But sometimes you have to focus on the work at hand, and for me, that is writing.

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