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Making Progress . . .

I feel like I'm starting to get into a routine. I get up, do things around the house, teach a few classes, spend the rest of the day writing, if I do not have to run errands that is. Most days, this is the program.

I have learned so much the last week. I think it is very beneficial to my career to be teaching English at the same time. There are so many grammar rules I learned when I was in school but have since long forgotten. Then there are those that I have at some point just chosen to ignore. But the last week has been illuminating.

After having refreshed my knowledge of grammar rules, I was doing another read through of Into the West: The Orphan Train and Into the West: A New Home just to get reacquainted with all the characters and where the story left off. While rereading everything, I felt the need to reedit. When I upload the new cover art for both books, I will also be uploading the new edits.

I knew this first series would be a learning experience (I'm sure they all will be but more so on the first one) and I would make mistakes seeing as how I do not have a publisher with editors to refine my work for me. I am very glad I decided to do this western series as serials. With each book divided into five to six novellas instead of just releasing it as one full novel, I knew I would keep improving as the serial moved along. At least if I am going to make mistakes, and as a human that is a given, I would not end up making a lot of mistakes throughout the entire serial, fingers crossed.

No matter what, I'm loving the work and the process and with any luck one day I will even make some money at this.

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