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Nose to the Grindstone . . .

Anyone who reads my blogs (that is assuming I'm not the only one) knows I have been teaching ESL online to try to earn some cash while I work to get my writing career going. Since I joined my online school back in October, things have gone well. I like the kids, I think they like me, I've made enough to cover my student loan payments and even cover a few other bills. Since taking this job I haven't had to pull any more money out of my 401K, which is nice.

However, now that summer is here, the students have disappeared and I'm worried the next few months may be a bit lean. I even got certified with my school to teach TOEFL classes in hopes to increase my student numbers but it doesn't seemed to have helped. Last week was the first week of the summer break and I only had four students, this week I only have two, and I have yet to have a single student book for next week.

Now, student's can book a class until 24 hours before the class begins, so these numbers can change. However, in the past, parents usually book their children's class first thing on Monday and my schedule usually stays the same as it is on Monday afternoon. One or two weeks of this will be a nice vacation where I can focus on my writing but anymore than that and my saving will start going down again.

I had hoped in the next few weeks to be able to book and pay for my birthday trip I want to take in September. It will be the big 50! I'm looking forward to it. I want P.R., Shaggy, and I to go on a hot air balloon trip. I've wanted to do this for years. I think the whole trip should cost about $2,000 for all three of us and that should include everything, even spending money. (I know, first world problems!) I guess this is when it's most beneficial to have good credit.

I know many people hate getting older but for me birthdays are milestones on a road I was told I would not be able to travel. Every year I earn is badge of sheer determination. I have lived longer and better than many doctors said was even possible and I think that is well worth celebrating even if I have to go into a little debt to do it!

For now, I will not worry about what might or might not happen in the next few months. Instead, I'm going to go edit my companion short, Margret's Redemption and get it up on the website so you can all read it and let me know what you think. And guess I should say, the short comes with a major spoiler alert for book five and a seriously infuriating cliffhanger. You have been forewarned!

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