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I've Said It Before, I Hate Murphy!

It's sad how correct Murphy's Law is. I had such great plans for today. So far, all of them have fallen apart.

I only have two classes scheduled to teach this week so I naively thought I would have loads of time to devote to my writing, starting today. Wrong!

I had planned ahead for this week of work, which should have told me from the start I would be doomed. I ran loads of errand and did all the grocery shopping this last weekend so I could stay sequestered in the house all week long and do nothing but work on my books and teach a few classes.

The beginning of the end started innocently enough with a simple request from P.R. Could I please go the post office today and send a registered letter for P.R.? Of course I said, yes. I decided, since I had to go out anyway, I would stop by my doctors office to deliver a few forms I needed her to fill out for me and run a few more errands. I had it all planned to be finished by noon today. Yeah, right!

I had walked halfway to the doctors office when I realized I didn't have my paperwork with me I needed her to fill out. I decided to go ahead and go there and discuss it with her and would email her copies of it later. However, when I got to her office it was packed. She doesn't take appointments, it's all on a first come first served basis so I decided to come back for her afternoon hours. I told them I would be back and left to run the errands. I had also left my phone at home so I had no idea what time it was.

I ran the errands and heard the church bells ringing as I made my way home. It was already noon. I get in and try to cool down and there is a knock at the door, it is the landlord. He informed me that the painters will finally be showing up to paint the window frames in our apartment. Great! They will be here all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'm hoping they can finish up quick and get out!

Now, I'm going to head back out to the doctors office and try this again. I have to return something I bought this morning because it is just too big for what I wanted to use it for, As God is my witness, I will be able to write something today! I have been waiting too long for this day to lose it completely. Wish me luck!

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