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The end is near . . . I hope!

This next week is my last week of classes I will have one final class the following Tuesday but then the major portion of my class work is finished. There is a second part to this class but it will only be two days a week for 10 more weeks. That is the plan if I pass my tests I have coming up.

This Thursday I have the course certification test. I need to get 60% on this for certification. Then Saturday, April 22 I have my government recognized certification class. I need 60% on that test as well for certification.

I'll be honest. I think I have a chance to pass this test but it's not a done deal. I was sick with pneumonia twice and missed a total of 6 weeks of classes. That is a lot of in formation to miss. I am hopeful and I will be working my butt off to prepare for these tests. Even so, I see a lot of praying in my future.

No matter what happens with the tests I will have at least one free week before I need to either start the second phase of the course or retake a month of the last class and take the tests again. During that week, I will need a distraction to get my head out of this class. Since I was sick on my last class break (when I had planned on writing another short story for you all) and just stayed in bed and slept instead of writing, I plan to make up for that on this next break, barring another bout with pneumonia, of course. (knock on wood)

So if you have a preference as to which character you would like to read more about, Margret MacBride or Sonya Busby just let me know. So far I have more requests for Margret. I have her story in my head already and I have to say it's good. It will be a great way to set up something I plan to have happen in book 5. But since these little short stories are my way of making it up to those of you who are waiting for the next story to come along, I think it only far to let majority rule on the topic.

So think good thoughts for me on on my test days and let me know if you want another short story on Sonya or one on Margret. They will both be coming eventually because now that I have them in my head they will need to come out at some point, I just want you to let me know which one you want during my next break. The other one will still follow at a later time. Thank you all for sticking with me!

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