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One Day at a Time . . .

It's been too long since I was on my computer writing anything I have a passion about. Most of you might know I am taking a class I have to finish. I was talking to a few of the ladies in my class today and it hit me home much I miss writing. I was only weeks away from the end of the first section of my class when I got sick and missed the first two weeks of this last month of my class. I missed four chapters in those two weeks.

I have my big final exam coming up in two weeks. If I pass, I do not have to deal with this part of the course ever again, if I don’t pass, I have choices to make. Do I retake the last month of classes or just study on my own and retake the test? My hope is, I can study like crazy between now and the last day of class and pass the test. Hold good thoughts for me, please. I will need them.

Once I pass this part of the course, I still have ten more weeks of the next section of the class but it will go from five hours a day, Monday through Friday, to four hours a day on just Tuesday and Thursday. Right now, I would have to give up sleeping to be able to keep up with this class and write. My hope is, once I get to the next section, where I only have classes two days a week, I can get back to writing!

It is crazy how much I miss my characters. They are in my head, milling around, begging to get out and onto the page so I can share them with all of you. It's like having people read them gives them life. As long as they stay locked up in my head, they are in limbo waiting for their turn to be born.

I am so stressed out because I am not writing. I cannot wait for the day I get to write down the next two installments for the Into the West Saga Serial. They have been in my head playing over and over since I finished Into the West: A New Home. I still haven't worked out the last book in this series but I am sure that will come once I get closer to part five.

I just want to thank everyone for being patient and waiting for the next few books. THEY ARE COMING! My hope is to have part three at least mostly written,if not finished and ready to publish, before my birthday in September. I've kind of made it a habit to use my books as a way to honor the birthdays of my loved ones so maybe this next one will be a gift to me for my 50th birthday in September. I can't think of a better gift to myself!

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